fatal attraction

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Fatal Attraction #1 By Kycee Q

Do you remember the lovely  Kycee Q who was gracious enough to share her enthralling series Family Secrets? Well, she’s here with something new. Please, read… Prologue Papa led me down the dusty path, pulling my hand as he went. From the corner of my eyes, I could see with the help of the dim light proffered by the moon, and the fireflies in the bushes that we had just passed Mama Osarodion’s Akara stall, which stood almost at the outskirt of the village. “Papa, where are we going?” I called out, trying to mask my fear with a worried look. Besides the fact that I was now seeing strange images obviously conjured by the trees in the bushes, we had just entered the path leading to the village stream- a path Mama had warned was disastrous and terrifying in the night. It had been rumored that a certain…