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This story was written by Fortune Ohaegbulam. He’ll feature here from time to time. Please, drop a comment. Thank you! I took a long drag of the cigarette and my lungs almost exploded. It had been a long time I smoked, having made a conscious effort to kick the habit,. However, it seemed the hot sensation coursing through my insides was what my body which had been earnestly screaming for release really needed. I exhaled and immediately asked the kiosk attendant to fix me two shots of locally-brewed gin which I gulped down in one swallow. I almost choked as the liquid threatened to reflux its way back through my oesophagus. I tried to pray; amidst all the madness it seemed the only reasonable thing to do. I wondered if God would hear my prayer with all the drinking and smoking. I only hoped for the sake of Felicia that…