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It’s Another Novocaine Saturday #22

Read all the episodes of It’s Another Novocaine Saturday I’m holding my phone. Restless, I visit Facebook for the fifth time, going through old posts. When I get tired, I stop and pull my laptop close and add a few words to a blog post I’ve been working on for days. I stop after a paragraph and visit my phone again, my eyes darting to the door that leads to the fast food joint I’m chilling in. She is late. Why is she late? Did she change her mind? Is she held in traffic? A couple of uni girls in a corner who before now were taking selfies, are presently throwing glances my way. It’s my reading glasses. I always get female attention when I have them on. Honey says I’m cuter and more approachable with them but who cares about these things? It’s not like one leaves the house…

Secrets #7

“I’m so sorry, Sade.” Eyes narrowed, she shook her head, confused. “What exactly is going on, Niyi? Niyi blew out a breath with his mouth, ran his hands over his face and turned to Kunle, who was staring at Bunmi with a look of shock on his face. “Kunle.” Slowly, he turned his head to look at Niyi and his eyes narrowed. “Yes, what exactly is going on, sir?” “I am your father, Kunle. Your mother and I…” “You brought your mistress to live in my house?” He turned back to an open-mouthed Sade and shook his head quickly. “It wasn’t that way, at all. Agnes has never been my mistress. I had a brief relationship with her and that ended almost two years before you came into my life.” Still looking at his wife, he waved a hand in Kunle’s direction. “Kunle was born, as a result of that…