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Where To Find Breasts #33

Fiyin listened to the rain outside in silence. She missed times like this when she would sit, just to take in the calm that came with drops of water against hard surfaces. Her life these days was filled with unending activities, and she longed for a timeout. Hiding away at Kyenpia’s home turned out to be a good idea. If she had known she’d get this much rest, she would have done so sooner. But she planned to leave after a week. As much as she loved the serenity of Kyenpia’s house, it was nothing like her home. She needed her privacy and the feel of hard male flesh against her hormone-ridden body. Today, she and Kyenpia had arranged for an early morning walk, but they were presently stuck in her bedroom, listening to the rain from the warmth of a shared blanket. Leonel had been out of town since…

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