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Memoirs Of A Repentant Escort #8

Read previous episodes of Memoirs of a Repentant Escort I was speechless still. “You see son! This girl is a hooker! A prostitute. She sleeps with men for money and the sexual enjoyment.” He said facing Jide. “And how do you know all of that Dad? 10pm? Allen Avenue? What were you doing there?” He said with his voice becoming violent towards his dad. “I won’t have you question me in my own home or create unnecessary fuss over this prostitute here. This lunch is over.” “Shall we?” Jide’s voice beckoned on me to stand up. I left without a word. I was broken. Jide never said a word throughout the drive home. Even when he dropped me at home, he never uttered a word or open the door of the car for me as he used to. I sat for an hour in front of the house speechless, sad…