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Two Lives And A Soul #16 By Ojay Aito

Previous episodes of Two Lives And A Soul I walked straight out of the gallery, suddenly realizing I was choking. The air felt lighter, as the walls seem to be closing in. I knew it was all in my head, but if I remained in there one more minute, I would go dramatic. No, I am not claustrophobic. The weather was cool and airy outside, much to my thankfulness. I was already on my feet to do anything I could to stop the sale of the watch. My mind was racing, and as soon as I came up with some plan, I saw its fallibleness. I was walking on quicksand here. I wished I had some other information about Sally apart from her name. No contact number, no address, nothing. If I didn’t get to her as soon as possible, I would… A light bulb came on my head, and…