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Unfulfilled Promises #8 By Audrey Timms

Good evening! I want to apologize to all who got broken links in their newsletters. Don’t really know what happened there. But just a heads up: if you ever get a broken link, simply ignore and visit here directly. It is Please, if you like what you’re reading here and keep coming back here, then bookmark this page, that way, you don’t have to rely on newsletters or broken links. A friend of mine, Kaka, will help handle some of the newsletters from now on to take the load off my shoulders. My appreciation goes to you, KK. Eric felt as if his intestines were playing a knotting game. He writhed in pain and held his stomach. He heaved and emptied the contents of his stomach on the ground. “You’re going to be alright, Eric. You won’t die. I promise you.” He heard Damian’s frantic voice from…