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Exclusive! Read Excerpts From Fish Brain Madhouse

So I told you I would bring Fish Brain Madhouse to you this December. Well, my promise still stands. We have few hours left on the clock. Are you ready for it? But while you count the hours, enjoy excerpts from the book. NOTE: All profit from the sales of Fish Brain Madhouse on Okadabooks will go to charity. More details to come up soon. Enjoy! First of all, nobody told me that labor was painful like hell. Which kind life! And I blamed Kyenpia for it. Not for the pain, though. I blamed her for the whole process not going by my terms. Remember I once told you I can’t be held liable for many things, so let’s hold Kyenpia liable, shall we? By association, she made my baby come two weeks earlier. Back in the day when she still had her periods, hers will always come first and…

Fish Brain Clan (4) Amaka

AMAKA Girls have the habit of burning their ex-boyfriends’ stuff when they know the relationship is really over and there’s no hope of a reunion. As for me, I didn’t go through that stage of hatred for all things James. I kept little pieces of him with me—his Arsenal mug, a few of his t-shirts, his boxers and his perfume. The perfume was the most important. It always made me feel better whenever I was down but for some stupid reason I had left it at Loretta’s place and being holed up in Fiyin’s bathroom with no comfort through Saturday night, it was hell. But the last thing I expected was to hear James’ voice the next evening and to hear it calling my name. “Amaka?” he knocked on the bathroom door. “Are you okay?” I didn’t trust my voice to sound normal, so I kept quiet. “Can you please,…