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Adventures Of Kola Onifoto – Katsina Love o

During my travel up the north, I visited the president’s state for some hours, my friends and I went to their emir’s palace in Katsina; same way we visited all the palaces in all the states we traveled to. We got to the palace around 11a.m.. We talked to some of the guards and they allowed us take pictures around, then I sighted some kids playing a deflated football. My childhood memories flashed instantly, I know the pain of playing a bad football and I watched the kids for a while and I also discovered how their attention was divided as the ball made it frustrating for them to play.. I called the oldest kid, I asked if he could speak English and he replied NO, I smiled at him and said “you just spoke English. How much is going to buy a new ball for you guys?” He replied “one thousand…

Test-the-Terone: (21 Questions) by Terver Trump Malu and Sally

Recently, I asked over thirty women via the net that if they had just one question to ask the opposite sex, what would it be? It might surprise you the type of responses I got. *clears throat* I had to censor some but by and large, my conclusions were that females are not the only species that need figuring out. Men leave a lot of unanswered questions about the very outlandish ways they behave. Many times, couples fight because women simply don’t understand that boys will just be boys no matter what anyone does. Mothers who have raised them know this and in another world, we would be going to them for answers but today, I have decided to dump the load on just one guy. Yes, Terver is here again to answer your questions, ladies. This should prove interesting because some of the questions are, like I said… hmmmm… Just go on ahead and read for yourselves,…