for worse

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For Better, For Worse by Sally

FOR BETTER FOR WORSE EMEM (2) 1983 The building was in the middle of nowhere. It stood under a dark moonless sky, aloof and uninviting. There was a high fence, blinding floodlights and a watchtower holding a buff soldier wielding an assault rifle. Igwe looked at Emem and saw her peering at the gate before them with questioning eyes. The Peugeot 504 in front them with his security detail had already driven in and two armed soldiers leaped out and stood guard while Igwe’s own vehicle slowly came to a halt before the entrance of the house. “Want to join me?” he asked Emem. “I won’t stay long.” She nodded and both backdoors were opened from outside. Igwe stepped out, waited for her, held her hand and led her through double entrance doors that were thrown open for them. Two soldiers standing in an empty room saluted as he made his…