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Reminder: Okadabooks Meet Up

Hi guys, Lazy afternoon for me. Hope y’all doing okay? This is a subtle reminder of the Okadabooks Author Meet Up. Please do come, it will make happy. I have hugs and kisses for everyone. Plus I want to take pics with you guys. If you’re shy, put a paperbag over your head. I won’t ask you to take it off. I promise. Check poster below for details. P.S: For those of you following Immortals’ Code, I apologize for the absence. I have still not gotten back all my files from my old laptop. Sadly, I lost some. But good thing is that I have the originals of the Immortals’ Code. The only problem is rewriting. *weeps* Give me time, biko Now, I want to correct a rumor about Jide of It’s Another Saturday making an appearance in Fourth Finger. Sorry to burst that excitement bubble; he isn’t. But even better,…