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The Fourth Finger #3

Read Previous Episodes Of The Fourth Finger She saw his Facebook friend request on Christmas Day while she was in bed, smoking a cigarette, wondering what she would have for breakfast. “Andre Fabrice Kouassi,” she read out, the names coming out in a slow burr. She liked the way they sounded on her tongue. She repeated them, and without a second thought, accepted his friend request. Straightaway she checked his profile and photos. She found that he studied marketing in OAU, did his high school in France and his present occupation was ‘Self Employed’. She laughed. Everybody on Facebook was self-employed. He had just a few photos. Not more than ten or so. His relationship status revealed that he was single and interested in women. There was nothing more of interest to see. She went back to his timeline. Nothing there, either. Just a recent post an hour before. It…