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Dear High Mistress #17

Toni had become aware of the oldness of her home on the day she and Andre found the perfect house. An estate agent had called Andre the evening before while both of them sat on the floor in his office, trying to figure out what to do with a problematic client whose company was throwing in a good sum into Covet. “Oga Andre, you go like this house. Na wetin madam say she want. Her complete specification.” “Which time you wan come my office tomorrow?” “Anytime, bros. Anytime.” Toni was always fascinated by the fact that Andre spoke Pidgin English better than she did. One couldn’t pick out his French inflection whenever he went all Nigerian. It often left Toni amazed at how much he could be anything he desired, just to get what he wanted. “I hope the house no too cost sha?” Andre asked the agent. “Very affordable.”…

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