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The Chronicles Of An Adopted Child #7 – Semione Abi

THE FRIEND WHO CAME REVEALING ‘PART 2’   “YOU DID WHAT?” Tom’s voice came out loud and filled with anger “YOU DID WHAT?” it came out again, this time, like that of a hungry lion. You slept with Alex? Like Alex, Alex Mansaray? ********** THE FREETOWN TRIP Alex Mansaray is Tricia’s cousin whose mum happens to come from Sierra Leone. He grew up and attended the same high school as Tricia and Celina, but went back to Freetown after their high school. Throughout their high school days, Alex had a huge crush on Celina, which grew to love. He loved her, but she only told him she liked him as a friend and a cousin to her bestie, Tricia, but not love. Alex started asking Celina out in their ninth grade, and didn’t stop begging her to give her a chance until the day he went back to Freetown, after…