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Unfulfilled Promises #2 By Audrey Timms

Previous Episode This is a long read. The book goes by chapters and I don’t want to break them, so take your time and enjoy since the next episode is on Tuesday. “O God!” Marvelous groaned as Oge and her four friends entered their classroom. The bell for break was rung a few minutes ago. She quickly glanced at Oleng, who was seated at the wooden chair beside hers. The poor girl was already shaking her head sorrowfully. Ezinne was frowning at her seat. “Oleng, Ezinne and Marvelous, come with me.” Oge announced and walked out of the class with her goons at her heels. The whole class including the boys felt sorry for the three friends as they walked quietly out of the class with Zinny sighing in anger. That was good bye to their break time. They followed their seniors to the school farm.…