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It’s Another Saturday…#11

So, I had this episode of It’s Another Saturday since Saturday and I was like, I’ll post it on Monday because of the public holidays. But then on Monday, I think I forgot or something very stupid like that. Then I wanted to post it yesterday but I had another post scheduled.  So, here it is…the bonus episode. Specially dedicated to erm…to you. You know yourself. PREVIOUS EPISODES Taken I’m not listening to a word he’s saying. All I want is to just get away from him before my feelings turn to hate. I can’t even look into his eyes right now. “Leave me alone, Jide.” “Just listen to me. Let me explain. It’s a pretty, simple explanation…” I shove away his hand resting on my arm and leave the house through the kitchen backdoor. “Honey!” He comes after me and takes my hand again. “Smoochie, listen to me, please.”…