From Home To Rendezvous

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From Home To Rendezvous #1

Sally here! Introducing Hadeh to you. Please read and drop a comment. I understand that you may be discouraged to encourage featured writers here because they don’t seem to complete their stories. I totally understand. But this series is complete. So, please give feedback. Thank you! …She is away from home. She wants to become a woman of importance. But she has to be a stripper for the meantime. Martha refused to return to Abeokuta despite the eyes staring at her like a tamed cat. She placed the glass cup on the table and waved her hand at her step-brother, Ayo, who happened to be her boyfriend and soul-mate. But he insisted she returns home. They were in a restaurant. The sound of music mixed with side giggles and the noise from those watching the big TV and those drinking. The light was dull, creating an ambience. Ayo was her…