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The Scratch On Your Shoulder #2

Read the previous episode of The Scratch On Your Shoulder here Nero hated funerals. They were all the same to him. Slow and depressing.  Just like this one. Almost everyone had something to say about the person who had passed away; even though he had made it known repeatedly that he didn’t want anybody washing him with head-swelling words. “Dance in remembrance of me. Meet new people. Eat, drink, and get drunk. Then have one-night stands. All on me!” The video was out there on Twitter. It had over a million views and was massively shared on Facebook and Instagram too. Yet, people showed up for the occasion with long faces and saggy shoulders.  “Who are all these people for fuck’s sake?” Nero asked his fiancée, Joy, who was standing beside him. She hushed him. So, he chose to stare at the coffin, instead. It was black, perfectly furnished. Nero…

It’s Another Saturday… #16

Daddy’s Little Girl “I didn’t raise you like that, Use.” “But daddy…” “Keep quiet.” I am having a father-daughter moment with my dad. Probably our last. The old man is dying and it is a heart wrenching thing to experience, so I’d rather believe that it’s not happening. To me, he’s seventy again and I’m his young twenty-year old daughter who has come to ask his advice over some boy issue. The boy in question is Jide. I have reported my misdeeds and daddy is giving me his counsel. He is very disappointed in me. “I think we overindulged you. We gave you everything you asked for. And that is why when you can’t get the things you want the way you want them, you lose control.” “But daddy, you know I’m not like that. It’s just that I’ve been hurt so many times. I can’t trust again. I just can’t.”…

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