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Conquered #5

Read previous episodes of Conquered by Obynofranc Mama got married to Mr. Charles. Nkechi loved to address him as that, whenever he came to the house. Mr. Charles was in his early fifties and had a not-so-obvious protruding stomach He was dark-skinned, six feet tall and looked athletic despite his stomach. His cloths fitted his body tautly. Nkechi was querying him so much and it made Mama uncomfortable. Mama tried to hide it with a fake smile. She made her displeasure with sour facial expressions but Nkechi wasn’t having any of it. She smirked. “Why are you still unmarried at fifty? That’s weird for a man,” she said. Mr. Charles laughed. “People always ask me that and those that know me keep pestering me on why I’m still not married,” he said lifting the little pillow that was lying beside him on the sofa and placed it on his laps.…