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Boys With Toys #10

Previous Episodes So many things were happening to Bankole all at once that he hardly had time to catch his breath. In a short amount of time, he had accomplished a lot and had also drifted away from Beatrice. He was scarcely home or even in the country. First, he had traveled for the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York with Guru and Mr. Duro. Then they moved to the UK for the Vodafone London Fashion Weekend where Guru made his first appearance on the runway as G&M’s new head designer. Upon their return, Bankole stayed long hours working in his studio at the office, preparing for the line’s first fashion show in Nigeria. He would return home only to shower, have breakfast and change, and then head back to unending hours of work. He made promises to Beatrice he couldn’t keep, cancelled dates she planned for them and…

Test-the-Terone: (21 Questions) by Terver Trump Malu and Sally

Recently, I asked over thirty women via the net that if they had just one question to ask the opposite sex, what would it be? It might surprise you the type of responses I got. *clears throat* I had to censor some but by and large, my conclusions were that females are not the only species that need figuring out. Men leave a lot of unanswered questions about the very outlandish ways they behave. Many times, couples fight because women simply don’t understand that boys will just be boys no matter what anyone does. Mothers who have raised them know this and in another world, we would be going to them for answers but today, I have decided to dump the load on just one guy. Yes, Terver is here again to answer your questions, ladies. This should prove interesting because some of the questions are, like I said… hmmmm… Just go on ahead and read for yourselves,…