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The Immortal’s Code #7

Read Previous Episodes Of The Immortals’ Code THE MORNING AFTER TINA DIED Desire rubbed her eyes tiredly as she followed Hamza into his house. She forced out a stiff yawn and was tempted to drop into the nearest couch for a nap but she remembered she had to push Hamza into packing up a few things for his escape. It was seven in the morning and she felt they had taken enough risks already. She had used her limitless connections and gotten someone to allow them access to Tina’s corpse even though she knew showing their faces at the hospital at daylight was stupid and unprofessional of her. But Hamza had insisted on seeing Tina and there was nothing Desire could do about it. On their way out of the hospital, she called one of her contacts to confirm a flight for Hamza that was leaving for Helsinki at 10am. A…

The Immortals’ Code #4

Read Previous Episodes of The Immortals’ Code CAPTAIN’S RESDIDENCE/ PRESENT DAY Desire endured a full body search at the gate before she was allowed into Captain’s private quarters. It was a chalet, different from where he officially lived. People were hardly allowed into this part of the mansion but Desire had unlimited access. She walked with short, hurried steps to the front entrance where a soldier let her in. She was told Captain was in his study and would be available shortly. With hands on her waist, she rounded the small anteroom and listened as guard dogs in the distance tried to outdo each other in a howling contest. The anteroom was dimly lit with expensive but dark furnishings. There was a black statue of a naked woman with an external bleeding heart—a dark version of the Madonna—and it stood beside a smaller statue of a naked man stretched out…