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Hang Out With Elsie On ‘Crux Of The Matter’

Elsie Godwin is one of coolest Facebook friends I have. She makes my time there worth every single data. You can’t be following Elsie on Facebook and have a dull moment. She’s always engaging and owns her space well, never afraid to say it as it is supposed to be said. But Elsie is other things too, and one of them is that she is an OAP with her own radio show ‘Crux Of The Matter’ which airs on Happeningsradio.com.ng. On Crux of The Matter, Elsie talks about everything, including the ones you so want to talk about but you’re shy to. She doesn’t stay away from getting her hands dirty with controversial topics. And today, she’ll host Vivien Adaeze as a guest. They’ll be talking about body count. And no, I don’t mean dead bodies. I mean the number of people one has had sex with. Does it matter in a relationship? Is it…