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Dugo #11

He received her email the moment his car pulled up in the garage. It was work-related, but just seeing her name pop up on his screen gave him hope. She was out of the country at present. Ace had informed him that someone close to her in Germany was sick and she went to be with the person. He had asked Ace if he thought there was still a chance for him with her. “I can’t answer that. Rape is a huge thing for her.” Luper knew that, considering all that Osarobo had told him about what both ladies had gone through in Italy. He knew Dugo’s life had been plagued with sexual abuse as a teenager. What he didn’t understand was why she hadn’t told him about it. But that didn’t matter now. Would they get back together? Would she look beyond all he had revealed about himself and…

Unfulfilled Promises #11 By Audrey Timms

Merry Christmas, Guys! I sincerely apologize for not posting this as scheduled. My modem has been missing for five days now, thanks to the three-year old in my house. I just found it today and you won’t believe where she kept it. smh…after I turned the house upside-down. Anyhoo, enjoy the episode today. I’ll bring another tomorrow to make up. As for His Little Black Book, it’s not in my hands o. You guys should bug the Manswers guys on Twitter and Facebook. It’s with them. Wish I could post it here… She prayed she would be able to remember Zinny’s house. She went the wrong way at first before finally finding the house. When she saw the gateman, she knew she had gotten the exact place. The man didn’t even recognize her. She didn’t blame him though after all, it’s been six years and she hadn’t visited here…