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The Immortals’ Code #1

The Immortals’ Code is for those who haven’t read it, for those who asked that this particular version be restored and for those who wonder if I can write something intriguing that is not entirely romance. Well you’re in for a ride. Enjoy!  One who contends with immortals lives a very short life  Greek poet 9th-8th century BC KANO/ 1989 Little Nafisa, trying hard to steady her schoolbag under her left arm, looked at the school gate with searching eyes and frowned. As expected, there was no one to pick her – again. No, this was again, raised to the power of 11. She smiled at herself proudly, remembering the knowledge she casually acquired from a senior class earlier that morning. ‘Wait let me get a double promotion to primary five and we’ll see if anybody can touch me!’ She smiled for a second time, then hissed and frowned when…