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It’s Another Novocaine Saturday #21

Good morning! Before you get to read today’s episode, I just want to send my heartfelt condolences to everyone who expressed in the comment section that they lost someone dear to them. Please, accept my sympathies. I didn’t know the episode will go that deep. I’m sorry for the sad memories it dredged up. May you all find comfort in God. On a totally unrelated note, you can subscribe to my RSS Feed to get latest updates. As long as a post comes up, you’ll get notified in the evenings. If there is no post for that day, you will not get notified. If you’re using your phone, scroll down after this post and you’ll see the widget to enter your email for subscription. If you are subscribed to the Mailchimp service already, be informed that it comes once a week only, giving you an option to read from which…