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Stranger in Lagos #11

YEMI “Halim, I think it’s time you found somewhere else to stay.” That was how I broke the news to her. Seated in the dark, with the brightness from the flashlight illuminating our faces, she had looked at me curiously when I let out those words. Her plain expression banished and its place, a look of confusion came on. “I don’t understand,” she muttered. “Is it because I talk too much?” “No.” “Or because I don’t wash the dishes immediately? It’s a bad habit and I promise to stop. Or…is it because I walk around in just bra and panties? Talk to me, Yemi. What have I done wrong? I thought we agreed that I’d stay. What happened?” I rise up from the table and do a short walk, back and forth. “Yemi?” “Halim,” I stop,” I like you. You asked me the other time if I had feelings for…