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In The Name Of Papa #4

Read Previous Episodes of Love, Your Enemy The lines have fallen for me in pleasant places… Psalm 16 “Ah! Relax, Alice.” “You want to cry? It’s not that serious nau.” Aunty Shade left the bed to where Alice sat and put her arms around her. “Relax, my dear. You’re not in a courtroom.” “We just wanted to know if you had honest intentions towards our father,” Aunty Ayo explained. “It’s not a crying matter.” Alice was nowhere near tears, but her face must have said different. Having held her breath for so long, she felt like she was going to pass out. She had been unable to give the sisters any answer and so she sat glued to her hot seat, sweating through almost every pore of her body and praying that by some miracle, she would appear on her bed back at home, waking up from a…