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For Better For Worse [Evelyn] by Sally

FOR BETTER, FOR WORSE EVELYN 1980 Jamila rushed towards the sound of the piercing scream. It was coming from one of the suites in the family wing of the presidential villa. As she approached the hallway, she realized the screaming was coming from Evelyn’s suite. “Eveyln!” she called and burst in. She found her, now quiet, sitting on her bed with a haunted expression on her face. She walked to her slowly “Ev?” Evelyn did not respond. Her eyes were transfixed on the wall before her, glaring at a painting of her husband she had paid some nameless artist in Namibia to do. Igwe had been very angry when the painting arrived at the villa and ordered it be taken down from where it had been placed by the paintings of other family members and burnt. Then he had a row with Jamila who was against the decision and…