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Vows Are Meant To Be Broken #5

Nneoma continues with Vows Are Meant To Be Broken. Click to read previous episodes Kara Olisa was due to arrive at any time. He would hate to see her from a point of weakness. He did not like her very much. He had never liked the idea of adoption, but I wanted a child. He even hated more that I had chosen a female. “Have all the orphan boys in the world finished?” he had asked after I told him my plans, but I insisted. I wanted to buy princess gowns and tell my daughter about her first period. I wanted girl time. Olisa was a darling girl, the best child that I could ever imagine. Yet, her father was distant. His mother was much worse. It was a miracle that she agreed to take the girl in after Obieze’s accident. I cleaned Obieze up slowly while daydreaming of the…

Where To Find Breasts #11

Click to read the previous episodes of Where To Find Breasts Wednesday. Yenkat was finally allowed to go home. Doctor Eunice came into her room, dancing to the beat of some song she was listening to on her earphones. She sang aloud in a jarring tone. Yenkat didn’t find her entertaining. With crossed arms, she sat and watched her. Doctor Eunice danced her way to the bed and stopped, panting heavily. “I’m so out of shape. Phew! You look good today, Yenkat,” she complimented as she took off her earphones. “Good morning.” “Morning.” She began to read Yenkat’s pulse. “Feel better?” “A lot.” “Good, because I’m sending you home right now.” “Really?” “I am. But you’ll be back here on Friday to have your wound dressed. And on Monday, so that we can take the stitches out.” “Okay.” “Don’t worry about your bills. It’s on the house. And don’t thank…