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IMPORTANT UPDATE! The Return Of IANS, Newsletter Subscriptions And Other News…

Good morning, dears I just want to leave some quick messages. I have a lot of people asking me about It’s Another Novocaine Saturday lately. It actually makes me feel sad that you guys are doing this because I took my time to give detailed explanation as to why I started the story in the first place and how I’m putting a break on it. I did not promise to bring it back immediately and I clearly stated that I am starting two new series. It upsets me that I have to repeat myself. It’s like I’m wasting my time leaving important information. Some people choose what they read and ignore the rest. Even when I put the notice before any new episode of a series. Please, I am begging you to take every single word here seriously. Every post that is put up here, asides the series, is very…

It’s Another Novocaine Saturday #24 – Valentine’s Special

Happy Valentine’s Day! Enjoy the long read. For you mushy people, hold your hankies. For you who love pics, there’s enough to go round. Ekene doesn’t celebrate Valentine’s. He believes that every day is love day if you’re in a relationship. And I can’t counter that, being that he has made me feel like I’m in a romantic novel in which he’s the author and I’m the main character. My time with him has been magical. In my grief, he created rainbows and butterflies. Whenever I wake up and I feel like I can’t handle the weight of losing Peace, I would be consoled by the thought of having to pour out my heart to Ekene. For the longest time, I have felt like I owed him, and to pay the debt, I took an entire week to convert the downstairs guestroom into a man cave for him. He has…

It’s Another Novocaine Saturday #23

Doctor Omotola Adeniyi Onuora is officially the most annoying patient I’ve ever had to deal with. And I can’t show my annoyance because family.

She is about to have her baby and some members of the family are here. Tola invited them and others for the birth of her son. Even some strange faces I have never seen before are present. She says they are her cousins. There’s one wearing a white garment, going about and sprinkling some weird water around the VIP birthing unit. I have had to send everyone out, leaving Nne and Elsie with us. Without them, I would have lost my mind.

“Tola, stop cussing and push this boy out nau.”

IANS Valentine Special

Happy Valentine’s Day…in advance! I’m sure you’ve been wondering where all the writers on this blog have gone to. Hmmm… Tomi and I have been busy on personal projects and haven’t had time with The Darker Berry. Olajumoke is busy as well. She sends her regrets. Fatimah will be back next week. Ibukunwrites has issues with her laptop. Once it’s fixed, she will return. Seye will be back soon too. Hard times have hit all of us. We can no longer sit comfortably and write as we used to and money will come. We have to take on extra jobs to get the income flowing. Hence, it’s not as easy and fun as it used to be. Please, bear with us. But in the spirit of the love season, I am giving you guys a double dose of It’s Another Saturday on Monday and Tuesday. Don’t miss it! One of…

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