Ibe Ikem Immaculate

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Help A Friend This Christmas

In 1998, I almost killed myself. I was just fifteen and already, depression had taken over my life. I can’t even remember how I got there. But I remembered that evening. I got home from school, found a bunch of pills where my mom kept some, and just swallowed them all. There were up to twenty or more pills, so it took batches. When I was done, I went to sleep, hoping to be dead soon. But I woke up hours later, alive and still breathing. I have suffered from depression all my life. When I was pregnant with my son, it was the most difficult part of my adult existence. Apart from being physically ill throughout the pregnancy, my mind was also in a dark place. If it wasn’t for the baby I was carrying, I didn’t know what I would have done to myself. I would tell myself…