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The Immortals’ Code #22

NATIONAL THEATER, LAGOS The Assistant Commissioner of Police of the Lagos State police force stormed into the theater, followed by a couple of uniformed policemen. Within, they found another team of policemen discussing in low tones over the dead bodies of nine people on the floor, each with a bullet hole either on the head or chest. The policemen broke away and saluted the ACP as he walked in. “Who is in charge, here?” a baritone voice from cigarette-stained lips demanded. Etim, a young, roughly-dressed, eager-to-please but watchful plainclothes policeman rushed forward and saluted. “Sir!” “What are these bodies still doing here?” “Sir, you said you wanted to see for yourself–” “Get them out!” Etim nodded at junior officers and they began evacuating the dead bodies. “I’m just coming from Ibadan,” the ACP revealed. “In short, I was called out of my brother’s wedding. Debrief me on the events.” “The…

The Immortals’ Code #14

Read Previous Episodes Of The Immortals’ Code ELYON VILLA Leonel stood before the entrance door of Igwe’s plain-looking quarters and allowed a soldier frisk him before he was let in through a glass door into a small anteroom. His uncle, Maxwell, who was Igwe’s bodyguard and personal aide, raised a hand to stop him as he neared a door leading to Igwe’s sitting room. “His Excellency is still asleep, Leo; he cannot be disturbed.” “Come on, Uncle Max. I need to see him. It’s seven in the morning.” “Why don’t you come back by ten?” “Work. I’ll be busy then.” “Well, he’s not up yet.” The door connecting to the anteroom opened from Igwe’s sitting room opened and Igwe stuck out his head. “It’s okay, Max.”He looked at Leonel. “Come in, son.” Leonel followed him in and shut the door behind them. Unlike the other ostentatious rooms in the villa,…