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Novocaine Knights #3

Previous Episodes KASIOBI There was nothing he could do. Jordan was sticking to both Eva and Lexus. “Kasi, if Lexus handle you, your life go reset, I swear!” Kasi didn’t like the direction the conversation was going but Jordan pressed on. “That girl, mehn, she’s…” he shook his head for effect. “But seriously, Kasi, you and her never…?” “Never do wetin?” Kasi didn’t even want to consider the question. Lexus was his friend. Anything outside that would destroy what they had. Besides, she was not his type; not that he had a particular type. He just loved females, no matter what size, complexion or height they came in. As long as they were feminine, he was game. But for Lexus, it was hard to say where she fit in. She was always dressed to cover her feminine features and she lacked the grace the average woman possessed. But that was…