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Gift a Vault With PennyTree For Valentine’s

Gift A Vault This Valentine With PennyTree  PennyTree has something sweet for you this Valentine’s. They are the new cool kid on the block who have scarcely been on the scene, but are doing amazing things already. During Christmas, I got an entire chicken from PennyTree. And now, they’ve come again with something new, and I’m excited to share it with y’all. The #PennyTreeGiftAVault challenge would see 40 people gifting entire Personal Vaults worth ₦20,000 to their loved ones this Valentine’s. So, what’s a Personal Vault? It’s a financial wellness and low risk investment product on PennyTree. It allows you lock away funds for a specific period of time and earn up to 10% interest on the amount saved. It also helps you save better and grow your money while ensuring you don’t have untimely withdrawals. It is worth gifting to someone whom you hold dearly because money, as we…