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Deception #1 by @newnaija

Morning! First of all, apologies for not posting Novocaine Knights #24. I have been crazy busy and stressed, by work and other stuff. I sleep only four hours each day and it’s beginning to screw with my head. So please be patient; I will post it and a bonus when I have edited them properly. Mr and Mrs Anonymous would feature twice a weekend as opposed to the thrice I told you. Secondly, there will no longer be automatic email updates immediately anything is posted and I’ll explain. The site is configured to send out only 250 emails per post. So this means that only some people get updates and others don’t. So I have disabled the email by post feature and will be sending you updates on new posts by Mailchimp once a post is up. If you still don’t get from Mailchimp, it means you either didn’t register…