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The Scratch On Your Shoulder #14

Hadiza received her visa to Dubai in her email at exactly 10:00 a.m. A minute later, Fajr walked into her bedroom. “Good morning, Mommy.” Hadiza looked closely at her, worried about how much weight she had lost over the past few days. Her eyes appeared as if they might shut down any minute. “How are you, Faj?” “I’m fine. The visas just came in.” “Yeah, I got mine.” “Alhaji has confirmed our flight for tomorrow at 4pm. He and Daddy are making arrangements with the airline for Muhammed.” “That’s great. I told you everything would be fine, didn’t I? The delay at the embassy is a blessing in disguise.” “Mommy, Alhaji paid for express visas. We were supposed to get them in twenty-four hours, but it took two days.” “Relax.” “What if it’s a sign?” “A sign?” “That…” “That what, Fajr?” “Alhaji feels that maybe Allah wants us to just…

The Scratch On Your Shoulder #5

Her thoughts were not fully with him this evening. They were somewhere in Abuja, with Cheta. They had been there all day, as were her emotions. Her friend was mad at her, and understandably so. She had been incalculably stupid today. “What’s wrong?” Basim was looking at her through the etched mirror that was above his dressing table where she was seated. He moved closer and rested his chin on her shoulder. She loved his scent this evening. It was masculine and had that superior musk oil he sometimes used, with its unusual sexual magnetism that drove her wild. But she didn’t want him tonight. She thought it would be better if she went home. “I’m good,” Gold responded to his question. She picked her phone from the table and moved her body, making him lift his frame off her shoulder. “I have to go home.” “Any reason you’re moody?”…

No Heart Feelings #2

Previous Episodes Alhaja Nnenna Bahaushe was the first wife of Alhaji Babajide Bahaushe, a major gold and jewelry merchant. He began his business as a trader to the north in the early seventies, selling gold in bulk to top wholesalers and retailers. He was so shrewd in business that his customers named him Nyamiri, an offensive term used for Igbos, even though he was Yoruba. Afraid that the name would stick and spoil his business, he began to call himself Alhaji Bahaushe. Bahaushe was simply the term used to refer to the Hausas, especially those from the core north. With time, the name stuck on Babajide, even though he was neither an Alhaji nor a Muslim. But to fit in better with both his suppliers that were mainly from the Middle East and his end buyers, he changed his religion and took a second wife, a true blood Hausa lady…

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