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The Fourth Finger #7

So I had one of those days as a mother when you go WTF! All my babies are not feeling so well. Hubby has malaria, baby boy is teething, lil’ Ms Kay has the flu (in this hot weather o!) The nanny too has toothache. I had to develop tentacles yesterday and unfortunately, I didn’t have enough tentacles for this post. I said to myself around 3pm ‘Sally, take a nap’ And that is how your homegirl slept off and woke up to start doing housework.  But I’m doing an all nighter, so I’m happy to put this up after a last minute edit. Please, if you see typos, tell me. Sometimes when words are too many in your head, you might not see when you miss or mix them on screen even if you read them ten times over. If you’re awake at this point, allow me call you a…