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The Immortals’ Code #18

ELYON VILLA/ IGWE’S PRIVATE QUARTERS The weather was too cold for Igwe but he was determined to take his evening walk. Dressed in warm clothes, he strode out of his bedroom. An armed guard was standing in the sitting room when he came out and Igwe looked him over intolerantly. “What are you doing here? Where’s Maxwell?” “He asked me to take his place, Your Excellency.” “Please leave.” “Yes, sir.” Igwe watched him leave before he also made his way out. In the anteroom he could hear voices coming from the entrance area that was manned by security guards. The voices belonged to Maxwell and Jamila, Captain’s twin sister. They didn’t sound happy. Igwe strained his ears to listen to their conversation but he caught nothing much. He waited for a short while before they both walked in. He could see on their faces that they were ready to hide…

The Immortals’ Code #16

“Has anyone here heard of Bloodbath?” Lanre mumbled after Victor threw his question. “It was written severally on the planes and stars. What is it?” Victor scratched his beard. “The question you should ask is who. Who are they?” He stopped for a drink from his keg. “Is it me or this palmwine tastes like it’s a week old?” “Victor…” Etim rubbed his eyes. “We’re running out of time.” “You people think the motives of the Cabal are bad? I can imagine the shame on your faces when you talk about them; the spurn when you think about what your fathers are doing. By all definition, they are ruthless but their motives…their conclusion will serve us well in the end.” “How can you say that?” David frowned. “Bloodbath is a militia in the Cabal. There are two others but Bloodbath is the terrorist wing, a militia of men and women…