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It’s Another Saturday…#14

Afternoon! Next week I’ll bring you a new series from someone new. It’s all about family scandals. If you think you have drama in your family, you haven’t seen nothing yet. So, sit tight. You’ll have a mad ride with this one. Enjoy episode 14 of It’s Another Saturday… The One Who Keeps Appearing Jide did not just walk me out of his house. He did not just do that. What in the world! I breathe in deep. Calm down, Mary. He didn’t mean it. He would never knowingly treat you like that. It’s the jazz, so calm down… Heck, I can’t! I am so mad I feel like walking back to his house and giving him a piece of my mind. How can he talk to me like that? Is he insane? Anyways, I don’t blame him sha. He’s seen my nakedness, that’s why. But all the same, I’ll keep my…

It’s Another Saturday…#5

Read Previous Episodes  The One Gone With The Waves I have never really thought of having kids, which is quite weird, considering the fact that I have helped bring so many babies into this world. I have shared the joy of parents seeing their babies for the first time and gone through the pain of those who suffer loss. Births have left me in tears on some occasions and transported me into the spiritual when I simply just look upward to God and thank him for the gift of life. However, the feeling of wanting to have my own kid is always fleeting. The reason is simply because I know I’ll make a terrible father without a wife beside me. I’m old school like that. I believe in marriage first, kids later. Much later. And that is why I’m deeply concerned for Emeka. How will he handle two children and…