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Justin Bieber’s Purpose Understands How You Feel

Justin Bieber is making a belieber out of me. Like him or not, he outdid himself in Purpose. I am still digesting the album bit by bit.  When I came across this piece by my friend, Steve, I just had to share. I’m not going through a heartbreak though but good music is like good literature. It takes you into its world and places you right where it wants you to be. Here’s Steve’s story: While recovering from a terrible heartbreak, I was opportune to cop Justin Bieber’s Purpose — his fourth studio album. Normally, I am not the mushy love type of guy. But after I came across this older, intelligent, understanding, loving girl that was risking so much to be with me, I decided to lower my guard and probably give love a chance. It ended with a sad break up that was so complicated that I can not even give…