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Biyankavitch #16

I didn’t know where she was taking me. If this was her version of eloping, she was a joker. Gun to my face, she professed love. Said we were meant to be together for eternity. Said I couldn’t do without her. “Let’s forget these men and all the things they make us do and disappear from the surface of the earth. Me and you. Hmmm? I have all the money that can take us to the moon and get us lost there. And even if it finishes, we have your daddy’s dough in reserve.” Her lips brushed against mine as she spoke. I could almost taste the blood on her face. “Come away with me, sugar. Shai Girl wants you. Shai Girl needs you. But if you don’t want to go away, we can stay and finish every single one of them. You and me together. I know we can…