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The Scratch On Your Shoulder #8

Cheta saw the emails and ignored them. Some of them came directly from intending buyers while the others were through Laja’s lawyer. Aunty Gbemi had also called to inform her about the Adeyanjus being approached over the same issue. Investors were falling over themselves in a bid to acquire Laja Towers and the offers were staggering. Everyone felt it was a good idea to sell now that demand was high. Everyone, except Cheta. “How could you?” She was mad at Nero this evening, after he had tried to get her to see why the towers needed to be sold off to the person with the best offer. “Do you have any idea the sentimental worth of this place?” “Chichetaram, Laja is gone.” The words felt like a stab in Cheta’s chest, but they were not so painful that she couldn’t take them. “I knew him,” Nero continued. “Maybe not as…