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Exclusive! Read Excerpts From Fish Brain Madhouse

So I told you I would bring Fish Brain Madhouse to you this December. Well, my promise still stands. We have few hours left on the clock. Are you ready for it? But while you count the hours, enjoy excerpts from the book. NOTE: All profit from the sales of Fish Brain Madhouse on Okadabooks will go to charity. More details to come up soon. Enjoy! First of all, nobody told me that labor was painful like hell. Which kind life! And I blamed Kyenpia for it. Not for the pain, though. I blamed her for the whole process not going by my terms. Remember I once told you I can’t be held liable for many things, so let’s hold Kyenpia liable, shall we? By association, she made my baby come two weeks earlier. Back in the day when she still had her periods, hers will always come first and…

The Immortals’ Code #14

Read Previous Episodes Of The Immortals’ Code ELYON VILLA Leonel stood before the entrance door of Igwe’s plain-looking quarters and allowed a soldier frisk him before he was let in through a glass door into a small anteroom. His uncle, Maxwell, who was Igwe’s bodyguard and personal aide, raised a hand to stop him as he neared a door leading to Igwe’s sitting room. “His Excellency is still asleep, Leo; he cannot be disturbed.” “Come on, Uncle Max. I need to see him. It’s seven in the morning.” “Why don’t you come back by ten?” “Work. I’ll be busy then.” “Well, he’s not up yet.” The door connecting to the anteroom opened from Igwe’s sitting room opened and Igwe stuck out his head. “It’s okay, Max.”He looked at Leonel. “Come in, son.” Leonel followed him in and shut the door behind them. Unlike the other ostentatious rooms in the villa,…