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It’s Another Novocaine Saturday #3

Hi guys, I want to say something… I have failed you guys… By not answering comments as I should… I feel bad over this… I am very sorry…. I’ll start doing things right from today. Thank you. And for today’s episode… Kasiobi’s mouth has just gone dry. His hands holding his phone are both unable to move. Lexus’ last message has somehow become the only thing on his phone screen. -Yours, Kas. She’s your baby. His mouth gets drier. “Kas, what’s going on?” Kira questions but her voice seems to him like it’s coming from outer space. He has no idea what she just said. Everything else apart from the message ceases to be relevant. “Kas?” He feels a little pain on his arm and comes to. “Talk to me or I’ll pinch you again,” Kira threatens. “Excuse me, abeg.” He pushes her away and gets off the bed. He…