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The Scratch On Your Shoulder #12

Forgive my tardiness and enjoy this episode. Have a great week ahead!  Nero was out of the hotel before Cheta stirred. He didn’t expect her to be up, following the events of last night. Last he checked, she couldn’t move a leg. For him, it felt like he had been granted an express ticket to paradise when he opened his eyes this morning and found her lying beside him. She was so peaceful that he checked to see that she was breathing before he snuck out to the bathroom. He got to the office as the clock struck nine. His clients were to show up in a bit. He was tired of their indecisiveness and was ready to drop them if they moved their meeting forward one more time. Phone to his ear, speaking to Obi, Nero headed towards his office. But he stopped, just as he got to the…

The Scratch On Your Shoulder #5

Her thoughts were not fully with him this evening. They were somewhere in Abuja, with Cheta. They had been there all day, as were her emotions. Her friend was mad at her, and understandably so. She had been incalculably stupid today. “What’s wrong?” Basim was looking at her through the etched mirror that was above his dressing table where she was seated. He moved closer and rested his chin on her shoulder. She loved his scent this evening. It was masculine and had that superior musk oil he sometimes used, with its unusual sexual magnetism that drove her wild. But she didn’t want him tonight. She thought it would be better if she went home. “I’m good,” Gold responded to his question. She picked her phone from the table and moved her body, making him lift his frame off her shoulder. “I have to go home.” “Any reason you’re moody?”…