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Tactics and Excuses Nigerian Men Use to Avoid Having Sex With Condoms

I wrote this a while ago and thought to share…   According to a recent research, 8 out of 10 Nigerian men do not use condoms. This was revealed by Bright Ekweremadu, the Managing Director of Society for Family Health, SFH. He said over 1.8billion sexual activities occur in Nigeria yearly, and 80% of them are unprotected.   Mr Bright added that if Nigerian men were to use condoms, no supplier in the world would be able to afford the quantity of condoms they would need. *clears throat* like, really? Is that how much our brothers love to have sex?   Anyways, old news. If you’re a Nigerian woman, you already knew that. But you also know that no matter how charming a guy is or how rich or how sexy, your health should be your first concern when it comes to your sex life. You’d think many females know…