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Novocaine Knights #12

Previous Episodes The words were stuck on his tongue. He didn’t know how to let them out. Spilling that type of news wasn’t going to be as easy as he had imagined. Across the table sat Lexus, Vhasti in her hand and a leg thrown over the armrest of her chair. One part of her breakfast went to Vhasti and the remaining barely made it into her mouth. Dominic noted that her lazy eating habits had not changed over the years. He took two sips of his coffee and tried at the words again but he failed. “Your hair is growing,” he said instead. “Yeah.” Lexus put a hand over the half of her head that was shaved. It was dark and contrasted with the other half which fell across her face in shocking red. “I want to cut the whole thing so it can grow together.” “And you’ll finally…