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Biyankavitch #12

This is one looong episode to make up for being AWOL. Drop a comment and tell me what you think. Dinner, he said, but he also asked me to have breakfast with him. Asked to share his bed. It was a welcome distraction from the heaviness that clamped my chest. My mood was glum after the debriefing I had with Lanre and the boss at the home office. As I had anticipated, they took me off the Kashimu case. “In light of your weekly reports, we have found nothing that indicates progress is being made by you,” my wobbly-bellied boss said. Sitting beside Lanre who was fit, young and fresh, the man looked like he was there as a vivid illustration of how one specimen can be the opposite of the other. In the office, we called this fat specimen Director Pam. “We hereby, withdraw you from the case.”…

Biyankavitch #11

Lanre. He had spent the night here. Face buried in my neck and a leg tucked in-between mine, he slept the sleep of the exhausted and angry, after a long session of intense sex, following two hours of Krav Maga in which I was defeated asininely. He had pinned me beneath him at the end of the session and demanded to know why I launched a personal attack on Baka. “You put yourself at risk and jeopardized the mission!” he shouted. “I’m pulling you out of there!” “No!” We were in my backyard, on a short stretch of land that held artificial grass on which Duru spent most of his time. A nasty rainfall was beating down on Lanre and I. The training session had been difficult. My body ached all over. Lanre was not the type of man you flexed your muscles with. He was swift and brutal. “You…

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