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MAKAYLA by Aturmercy

Makayla is 1 today. Yay! Happy Birthday, Darling! here’s a poem written by my dear friend, Aturmercy Makayla went to the bowls of hell and beyond Conquering where many have lost Overcoming all odds Standing proud, firm and tall Victory is Makayla! Demons from hell In this pure heart thought they could dwell They battled fiercely against this angel and lost The courage of this angel cannot be bought Courage is spelt M-a-k-a-y-l-a! Sworn to care, The Hippocratic Oath becomes a dare The betrayal of some quite clear Makayla rose above all their sneers A joy to her forebearsTriumphant is Makayla! In search of the meaning of victory I need look no further than Makayla Seeking for a reason to go on I find strength in Makayla A blessing truly is Makayla