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It’s Another Novocaine Saturday #4

Read episodes 1-3 of It’s Another Novocaine Saturday I walk blindly into the living room, my eyes smarting from the effects of being dragged out of sleep rudely. I’m totally done with all the visitors coming to see Jiney. I don’t think I can entertain one more person abeg. I unlock the door and pull it open. Smiling into my face, together with a bright morning, is the last person I want to see. But she smiles on, unmindful of how I feel about her. And then she does something stupid as her legs leave their present position and she comes for me. I feel her hug me, pressing her huge breasts into me and squeezing me like I asked for it. I don’t hug her back. She pulls away – smiling, still. “Good morning, Uncle Jide. I’m finally here. Yayy! I’m so sorry I’m coming in this morning. I…